Milo Nov 2010- July19, 2011

by HaZiq
(Narre Warren south)

Milo orange and white kitten was only 9 months old when he died. He was really curious always flowing his big sister Mia which is 2 months old. They both were quite close. Milo was always following Mia. But Milo is to curious, so he decided to walk out of the garage for a walk.

We searched him and called out his name. He never came home. Dad was on the way and he saw Milo lying down beside the grass. He was hit by a car.

I quickly went out and cried I carried him and put him in my backyard. Blood was dripping all over my hand. We decided to wrap him up in his blanket and keep his Elmo toy with him. Milo was a great and wonderful cat always following you where ever you go. Mostly, following his sister where she goes.

Mia would always meow at me every night. I think she is wondering where Milo went :(

It has been 2 days since he died. RIP Milo. You will always be missed. Gone to soon :.(

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