Mini <3 September 1994 - October 2011

by Jessica
(Ottawa Ontario)

I have two cats. Mini and Tooti. Mini was more of my cat,and Tooti was more my mom's.

Mini would wait for me after school at the door, and she would come comfort me by laying next to me when i would cry, and she would purr and give me kisses.

A couple of days ago, we got the news that she had to be put down because of kidney failure and an abscess on her tooth :( She was suffering too much for her to go on.

For the longest time, me and my mother had no idea of this pain she was going through because all she did was look happy and come see us for affection and purr all the time. That's what made her who she was: a caring, loving kitty.

Now she's free of all that pain. I had her my whole life, and this must be the most painful thing I ever lived through, to have her die in my hands, but at least we were there for her till the end, so she knew how much we loved her too.

Mini will never be forgotten and will always be in our hearts
I love you, Mini.

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