Moved Recently: Cat Behavior

by shere

I recently moved with two 4 year old female cats. Within 1 week, one of the cats has started meowing loudly for no apparent reason, especially once it gets dark. Whenever I arrive home, she is okay for a few minutes and then begins again. She is also licking her back-end alot. Her physical a month ago was fine. Does she just need time to settle in?

Hi, Shere,

It's difficult to know for sure. Since her physical was recent and because you just moved, you may well attribute her actions to stress.

However, if it continues, you may want to visit the vet again. A couple of things come to mind. When a cat meows loudly when it is dark, it often means they have partial or complete hearing loss. That would be unusual in a 4 year old, but not impossible.

Also, the licking of the back end could mean you have moved into a home that had some flea eggs around. Even if there were no animals living there immediately before you did, there could have been prior to that. Flea eggs can remain dormant for a couple of years waiting for an animal to come along.

When you say "back end", I'm not sure if you mean in front of her tail on her back or around her anus or vagina. If you're talking about her back, that would be indicative of fleas or allergy of some sort or it could be stress. If, on the other hand, it's around her anus or urogenital area, she could have an anal sac impaction or a urinary tract infection. Either could surface since the vet visit and the latter is especially linked to stress which moving certain creates for a cat.

Thank you for writing.
Dr. Neely

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