Moving cats



I have two cats that have always been together, but I am moving out of my house and want to take one of them with me. He is 12 years old and lives indoors and outdoors. At my new apartment he will not be able to go outside and he will not have the company of the other cat any longer. Is this healthy? Would he miss our other cat? Would he be happy?


He would definitely miss the other cat. He will also be stressed by not being able to go outdoors although I am by no means a proponent of letting cats outside. Thirdly, he will be stressed just from the move alone. Cats do not like change of any sort and he's going to go through at least 3 major changes at once.

I don't know your situation as to why you are moving and why you can only take one cat, but I encourage you to re-evaluate everything and determine if there's a way to inflict less stress in his life. I'm sure you love him dearly and want him with you, but would he be better off staying with the other cat where he is now? Is that an option?

He is not the only one, of course, that is going to be affected. The cat that is being left behind will miss him as well.

Bottom line, if there's anyway to avoid this stressful situation and yet satisfy everyone, including yourself of course, then try to do so.

If not, then remember ... Sometimes we have to move and the cats have to go with us. Sometimes we have to move and only one cat can go with us. Sometimes we have to move and we are not allowed to have cats in our new home. Things happen and we do the best we can and yes, the cats will almost always survive the loss and recover rather quickly.

I hope I have given you some food for thought and I wish you and the kitties the best.

Thank you for writing,
Dr. Neely


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