Mozart Cheek

by Denise Cheek
(Highlands Ranch CO / Plymouth MN)

My cat, that I got when I was 6 years old, died this past April, the 28th. - while I was away for college. I was looking forward to coming home this summer and bonding with him again. He forgot about me. I think he thinks I left him. Was he heartbroken? I know he was 16 years old, but he was tough, and strong. He could have lived so much longer. I think he just lost the will to live.

I am sorry for being such a stupid ignorant kid, and being rough with you. You never bit or scratched me. You just meowed, purred and snuggled up to me. You just loved me.

It is hard to imagine life without you Mozart. You have always been in it for as long as I can remember. I remember you being a kitten, but growing so much faster than me.

It's not fair, you were never supposed to die. I expect to see you in heaven, got it?

Where are you now to come cheer me up as I cry?

My cat died. Three rather meaningless words or extremely important and painful words depending on who is saying them or listening to them.

Comments for Mozart Cheek

by: Kirin Kat

Denise, Mozart will be with you always! I mean always! You will keep his memory alive! When you feel the wind blow or a tiny whisper in your ear, that will be Mozart! He's all around us! Just like my Smokey Joe. I still cry for him even tho it's been over a year now. Always will they forever be loved!!

by: Anonymous

Mozart did not ever forget you Im sure.He missed you very much while you were away at school; but we all must leave this journy that is so familar to us including our pets and go on to another one I still miss my Safeway and it's getting a little easier to to realize that's she is on another journy but I keep in mind that we will reunite at the Rainbow Bridge someday. And it's ok to cry until you have no more tears I still do and it been six month's and I still miss her everyday.Take care of yourself for Mozart, he would want that.


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