Mpimpikos born August 2011 died at 15th January 2013

by Makovius
(Athens Greece)

He was found in the country side alone. He was so small. My kids were begging me to take him. I was so skeptical, since in my childhood years, I had lost to cat by a car accident, and I remember the pain. They convinced me, but I made myself clear that the cat had to be only in our back yard and not in our house - a flat on the 3rd floor.

The cat, after a month. got sick and because it was so cold outside, I agreed to have him in my house. In November 2011, he become the 6th member of my family. I let myself get close to him.

Since then, he always slept on my bed, every night, until the 15th of January 2013. I searched for him the next day, and I found him dead. Since then, even though I am a 43 year old family man, I am still crying for the loss.

Here is a sort clip of our cat on YouTube.

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by: Andy

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Mpimpikos NEW
by: Julie Steven

Losing your beloved cat is a big loss for you. He looks like a brave cat and would you like to share if he was suffering from some disease? When was your last visit to Vet Doctor before his death. Thanks for adding a video clip of your lovely Mpimpikos. You can also consult with essay service for all kind of course related work.

Mpimpikos NEW
by: Anonymous

It is very sad to hear from you that your loved cat died. I too faced the same situation. essay writing services You can get good information about cats. My pet cat Honey born on 2010 September and died on 2013 January. I still remember it and tears come from eyes with its sweet memories.

so sad NEW
by: joseph morween

Now there are a lot of people that we go un noticed at time in life. These poor things are unlike some of those unlucky people who was not deseriving to reach into your hearts like these animals did. I can understand that you do surely miss your cat hid light bulbsa

thank you
by: Anonymous

thank you all for your comments.I ..still missing him..

Beautiful love...
by: Julie

Your comments about your beautiful little baby made me cry. I watched your video and now I am in a solid meltdown. I, also, know what it can feel like to open your heart to tiny creatures, let them in, and then suffer the pain of their loss. Mpimpikos was a beautiful cat, and your tribute to him showed us all how special he was and how special you are to be able to open up, share the joy of having known him and unburden some of the grief of losing him. I hope your tears and mine mingle to wash away the sadness of his passing...

Good Samaritan
by: PinkEmerald

Thank U sooooooo much for not letting your past pain stop you from opening your heart to reach out n give life 2 a helpless one so in need of Love.

I pray the Good Lord blesses you for being a perfect example of "The Good Samaritan".

by: Anonymous

It is not bad that you are crying for your loss.It is so human.It was very beautiful cat

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