My 3yr or 4yr old cat has been acting wierd for a few days

I'm so very worried about my cat. I’m 17 and my cat Princess has not been eating. Last night, I stayed up and watched her and she didn’t eat anything. I left my Grandma a note for when she woke up but she woke up before I went to sleep, so I had proof my cat didn’t eat. My grandma told me she did not see her eat anything.

I tried feeding her a can of wet food separately that night before my Gram woke and again she ate nothing. We have 2 cats, brother and sister cats, and the brother cat loves his food. We have dry food out all day and plenty of water, and 2 times a day I give the cats wet food.

My cat has been drinking a lot but not constantly. She will drink, then walk away for 2 seconds, and drink again. She also sleeps more now. She won’t even play with her favorite toy anymore. Oh, and she doesn’t do it a lot, but she vomits a clear spit from time to time.

I’m so worried for my cat and we do not have money for the vet because we just went school shopping. Please help! Thanks.

My heart breaks for you, and I would love to be able to help. Unfortunately, there is nothing anyone can do for your cat without a veterinary exam and possibly even bloodwork.

You didn’t mention how old your cat is, but a cat that doesn’t eat is sick. The excessive drinking behavior could be a sign of cat illnesses such as kidney disease, diabetes, or feline hyperthyroidism, which could only be diagnosed with a veterinary exam and bloodwork.

I would recommend that you tell your family about Care Credit, a low or no-interest program that helps families pay for medical and veterinary services over time. You can also call around to area veterinarians and see if any are willing to work with you for a reduced fee or offer a payment plan for services. Or, are there friends or family that can help out financially with your cat care?

I’m so very sorry to hear that your cat is sick and wish there was more I could do to help, but your kitty really does need to been seen by a veterinarian.

All the best to you and Princess,
Dr. Neely

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