My 6 Cats: Male and female cats urinating outside box

My female and male cats pee on countertops, on carpets, and on top of tables, etc. How do I stop this from happening?

There are several pages on this site covering the topic of cats urinating outside the litter box.
A great place to start is my page on Cat Elimination Problems. And, if you scroll through our Litter Box Problems page, you will find dozens of pages, including similar questions submitted by other concerned cat lovers.

Litter box problems are very complex and can range from being triggered by marking behavior to urinary tract infections and other problems to stress. In all honesty, the issue is so complex, there isn't enough time or space to cover each possible cause and each possible tool to help solve the problem, especially since most causes and solutions have been covered in other questions and answers throughout the site. If you take an honest inventory of your home environment, including how many litter boxes you have, what kind of litter you use, where the litter boxes are placed, and have a good look at your kitties, including assessing medical problems and having them spayed/neutered if they aren't already, you'll find many, many suggestions here for making the situation better.

And, regardless of the tools you decide to try, please add cat pheromone products like these by Feliway to your home. Regardless of what the cause is, Feliway is a wonderful tool for correcting litter box problems, especially in a multi-cat environment.

In order to try to help as many concerned owners and their cats as I can, I try to answer cat questions that haven't been asked before. After looking over all of the feline urinary health and cat litter box problems pages on the site, if you're still concerned or still have questions, please feel free to write again.

Best wishes,
Dr. Neely