My Beautiful Intelligent Mr Whippy

by heartbroken

My beautiful, intelligent Mr. Whippy died on 27th of December 2012 at age 4.

Mr Whippy used to open doors. He would jump up and pull the handle down with his paws then push to gain entry. He was a big black cat with a big appetite.

I should have realized he was ill, but I think he hid it. He had been having a little bit of panting and wheezing that day, and by the time the vet was on way, he had collapsed and died. It was all such a shock and I will never know why.

It has broken my heart. I have lost many other cats over the years ,including my beautiful constant companion Banjo and my little runt of the litter Cuddly Ralph, but none has left a hole in my heart like my darling Mr. Whippy.

I broke down (again) when I saw his little muddy paw prints on the door handle. He should still be here. He had years left, and its not fair. I feel physical pain, and I hope this pain goes soon. I just hope he is up there figuring out how to open heavens gates.

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