My Cat Can Be Very Destructive.

by Kara
(Hampshire, England)


I have 2 cats. One Abyssinian male called Orion and one Ocicat (half siamese half abyssinian) female called Athena. Both cats have been neutered and get on really well, they both love each other to bits. Both are indoor cats. My problem is that Athena can be very destructive, she tears up carrier bags, she steals lids from our sugar and tea caddy and our teapot. Just lately she has been weeing on our carpet, even though she is litter trained. This morning my husband and I came down to find that she had broken our tea caddy, we tell her off but i dont think she knows why she has been bad..she knows when she has been bad as she is subdued.

She has got cat toys which she doesnt play with, she plays with Orion mostly and they run around together. Do you think she becomes bored at night? She is nearly 1 year old. As she is part Siamese, are Siamese cats known to be naughty and if so do you think Athena is displaying typical Siamese behaviour?

Hope you can help me

Thank you


Hi, Kara,

Athena is displaying typical Siamese behavior when she has a need to put something in her mouth and chew or suck on it. Also, in general she is getting her more high-strung personality traits from her Siamese half.

If nighttime is the biggest problem, keep her in a cozy room with her "brother" where there are lots of toys, but no household items she can hurt.

In general, providing her with alternatives to chew on, destroy, play with about the most you can do.

Also, "Athena-proofing" your house just as you would childproof it. Keep the most common items she is likely to go for away where she can't get at them.

It will take some reorganization and some new habits for you to learn, but she's worth it, right?

Also, extra attention, and only positive reinforcement will help. Don't yell at her or discipline her in any way when she does something she shouldn't. Instead, praise her when she is good. That is the only way to train cats.

Good Luck,
Dr. Neely

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