My Cat has a Urinary Tract Infection, and keeps throwing up.

My Cat kept throwing up, so I took him to the Vet... they did blood tests and sent him home with new food finding nothing wrong. I observed him over the weekend: he kept throwing up and then stopped eating. The vomit became bright yellow( what I assumed was Bile) so I took him back on Monday and they kept him over night to get a urinary sample. He apparently has a UTI, and they gave me antibiotics.
Here is my question:
Why will he still not eat and why does he continue to throw up? He is acting very strange.
The Cat Sitter


In my experience, his symptoms are not that of a UTI. Also, continued vomiting calls for further diagnostics. (x-rays, etc.) Also, any cat who has not eaten for this many days, needs to be in the hospital on fluids and appetite stimulants and if necessary tube feeding. Otherwise, he is at risk for acquiring serious liver disease and other conditions.

If your current vet does not agree, get a second opinion. And get it quickly.

Good luck,
Dr. Neely

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