My cat has limp since January

by Melissa
(Owensboro, Kentucky)


My female cat has had a limp in her right leg since January. I've had her in to the veterinarian two or three times. First one said to keep her in a room away from other cats for a week. That didn't work because she got out one time when the door was opened.

So we took her back the second time and the doctor gave her some kind of cat medicine. That didn't work. Well, when I could catch her.

The last time we did x rays and the vet said that our cat had a slight break in the elbow part of her leg. Other x rays didn't show it.

Then she was afraid she might have a spur in her wrist. So she gave her some cat joint medicine.

She said if our kitty doesn't get better we could take her to an orthopedic pet doctor in Booneville, Indiana or she could submit the x rays to Auburn University and let the radiologists there look at my cat's x rays.

I don't know what to do. It's getting quite expensive. DJ is 3 years old.

ANSWER: If finances are a concern, as they often are, it could be fairly inexpensive and worth your while for the radiologists at Auburn University to review your cat's films. Radiologists have additional training in interpreting x rays and may better be able to assess what is going on.

Also, I know it can be difficult to confine a cat to one room, but that is often necessary in the recovery of a cat from an orthopedic problem. I would urge you to try harder to confine your cat and to make sure every dose of cat medication is taken while you are waiting to get another opinion. That alone often solves the problem even though it takes extra effort on your part.

Cats can certainly be difficult to medicate and to confine. Ask your veterinarian about the difficult methods of medicating (liquid cat medication, injection, pills, ear gels, etc.) and also consider confining her to a large dog crate.

Good luck. I hope things work out well very soon.

Dr. Neely

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