my cat has stopped eating and is drooling with bad breath

by Terra


My cat stopped eating a few days ago. He now is drooling and his breath smells really bad. He still drinks water and goes to the bathroom.

He had surgery 6 months ago to remove a stomach tumor, the doctor that treated him said it might come back. But when he had the tumor last time he just picked at his skin though and he still ate and didn't drool. Could the tumor have come back or is something else wrong with him?

Dear Terra,

It is certainly possible that your cat's tumor has come back, and it is also possible that something else is wrong with your kitty. Loss of appetite and drooling can be a sign that your cat has ingested a toxin, has dental disease, or even has kidney or heart failure.

Most importantly, any time a cat stops eating, it is cause for concern. If your cat hasn't eaten in a few days and is drooling, please get him to a veterinarian as soon as possible. Your cat needs a thorough physical exam, especially of his mouth, teeth, and tongue, and possibly even bloodwork and x-rays to determine the cause of his loss of appetite and drooling behavior. He may also need supportive care such as fluid therapy to re-hydrate him after not having eaten in a few days.

Best wishes,
Dr. Neely

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