My cat is all of a sudden acting very gloomy

Hello Dr. I have a very important question.

I have a 2 year old Female Tabby cat named Tiki who all of a sudden, out of the blue, has been acting VERY gloomy. Her nose is dry. She is usually the type of cat that LOVES to be in my lap, she does this thing that I call "Super kitty" where if you hold out your arms, she'll stand on her 2 back legs and stretch out her front 2 paws and want you to hold her and she hasn't done that in about 2-3 days, which isn't like her, meows when you call her name and is a VERY happy cat but the last 2-3 days, she hasn't been acting herself at all.

She has been eating normally *from what I can see*, drinking, going to the bathroom normally and I'm just wondering if I'm being over protective about her because that's how I am a lot of the time but I really want to know if I should take her to the vet to at least get her checked out to make sure it's nothing serious. I also been squeezing a little bit around her abdomen area to see if she is sensitive but she doesn't seem bothered by it.

I'm just really worried about her and need to know if it's something I should take her to the Vet for.


Hi, Sara,

Cat parents know their cats much better than anyone else could and as veterinarians, we pay close attention to a cat owner that says their cat "just isn't acting right". I would suggest going to the veterinarian right away.

Best, Dr. Neely

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