My cat is terrified of new kitten

by Annie

I have a 1-year-old grey and white female cat who is scared of my new 6-week-old male kitten. Sophie is petrified of him. She trembles when ever she see's him she has even had three accidents pooing herself. I have tried to introduce them slowly but she growls at him and hisses. I need some advice on what to do.

Dear Annie,

Introducing cats can be a long process. It takes time for your cats to adjust to living with one another, but in the case of introducing a new kitten to an older kitten or adult cat, time is all you need. There is a lot of information for ways to ease the transition for both of your cats in this question from another reader, and although the situation expressed there is not the same as your own, the key points for easing the stress in your household still apply.

Congratulations on your new kitten! In time, your cat Sophie will adjust to having him around!

Best wishes,
Dr. Neely

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Jul 23, 2015
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