my cat lived with me when i was a baby he was like brother too he was killed accidentely by my little sister ,my buddy rosey thats his name

by barsbold

I was born in 1999 and my cat was born in 2000 on the 8th of April. My mom's sister said kill that cat but I said no then they said 1 day I will kill your cat. And her baby killed my cat by moving the tv, and it landed on my cat.

I loved him. He always slept right next to me. He would even sometimes go to school with me. His favorite place was hiding or sleeping in an old eagle's nest. I cry when I think of him. He was cute. He even sometimes helped me wake up.

But now he is gone. I'm still crying when I type this. He was a 13 year old Siamese cat. I won't see his cute round blue eyes any more.

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