My kitten is losing hair.

My kitten was born 8 days ago and for some reason he was born bald on the top of his head. Well, now he is starting to lose even more hair, on the side of his leg, and it's thining almost everywhere else. He was smaller than his other brother but he seems to be doing good. But, I am really worried about his hair loss and how it will affect him.


I don't think you have a need to worry if the kitten is doing well otherwise. Kittens can be born with varying amounts of hair; one kitten could even be a bit premature and not have developed hair yet. Also, they are wet when they are born and it is difficult to assess hair at that time and again when their momma cat is cleaning them.

Pretty much the only "disease" that you may see that causes hair loss in young kittens is ringworm and it sounds unlikely that ringworm is the problem. However, if it is, that is treatable and should leave no permanent problems.

Watch the kitten carefully and as long as he is eating and thriving, I believe the hair will grow in and not be a problem.

Thank you for writing,
Dr. Neely

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