My Little Man Harrison March 3, 1996 - July 25, 2012

by Susan Calder
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

My little man Harrison came into my life in March of 1997 from the Toronto Humane Society, and was on death row, as I would call it. He was to be euthanized that day. He came right up to me, and rubbed the cage, and rolled over and over. I let him out of the cage, and it was as if he just couldn't give enough love to a stranger. He was coming home with me.

From the beginning, he was just such a lovely little man. He had the most gentle soul. He loved everyone, and they all fell in love with him. He never hissed or growled at any of the other cats. He greeted me everyday at the door, along with his brother and two sisters. If you know what a ragdoll is like, that is what he was.

You could do anything do him, and he would love it. He would stretch out on my lap, and sleep for hours, and would snuggle up to me in bed. When he played, he would snort and run around like mad. My little man, my little child, he was my Harri Son.

Harrison had colitis all his life, and it was well managed. He had a really bad episode starting in January of this year, which I really could not clear up. With lots of great advice from Dr. Neely, and my vet, he was not doing bad.

But starting in June, he really started becoming worse. The medication wasn't working. He did not enjoy eating. I feed him for over a month, and did everything I could do. He spent July 24 at the vet, and he was diagnosed with GI Lymphoma. His little belly was filling up with fluids.

He was a trooper. I did bring him home for the night, so have one last night with him. I knew he was in pain all night, so I made the decision to let him be at peace and to go meet Jesus.

I held him in my arms at the vet, and rocked and rocked him. We said prayers over him for him to be accepted into Heaven. He fell asleep, and the Dr. took him away. So many tears, and words cannot express the loss of this sweet cat. He was more than a cat.

He has left a great void in our life. You look for him and he is not there. You want to call him, but know he will not come. We lost his sister in January, so I do know they are together in Heaven with our God.

God Bless Dr. Neely for all her advice, kind words and really helping with everything during Harrison's courageous fight. We love you Dr. Neely, and we truly believe you were sent here to love and care for our feline family members.

Thank you,
The Calders

Comments for My Little Man Harrison March 3, 1996 - July 25, 2012

So sorry
by: Anthea

So sorry for your loss, I know how you feel, its been nearly two months ago I lost Kitty, I still miss her so much and so long to hold her again.

Sorry for your loss
by: Destry

I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost 2 cats in under a year and it was so hard to let them go. Salem was only 6 and had kidney disease and we had to put him to sleep on January 30, 2011..Then this past January 6th, I had to have my cat Babycakes put to sleep due to a tumor on his face and it ruptured. He was almost 18. I miss my babies and think about them everyday. I had them both cremated and they are in beautiful oak urns with their photo on the front. It's never easy to lose a pet (Family Member)and it's so hard to say goodbye. I pray that you find peace with your decision of putting Harrison out of his pain. God Bless!

Thank you
by: Susan

Thank you everyone for all your lovely words. One day at a time, and just knowing where he is, has eased the loss. Sending out healing and prayers to all who have lost a beloved family pet.

Thank you for your Beautiful Tribute to Harrison
by: Dr. Neely

Thank you so much, Susan, for this beautiful tribute to Harrison. Thank you for letting us know more about him, his history, and his happy life. I know he had an amazing life because he was with you.

I am so sorry for your loss. I wish I could help ease your pain. I can certainly tell you I have shared it many times and will many times in the future.

I hope you will soon have more peace about saying goodbye to Harrison and can just hold on to those wonderful memories you have. He loved you so much and knew you loved him so much and nothing can ever take that away.

You are in my thoughts and prayers,
Dr. Neely

by: Paula (Foster Cat Mama)

We are so Sorry for Your Loss! What a beautiful picture and touching story. I wish there were more families like yours in this world and more vets like Dr. Neely!

Harrison's story touched our family's hearts!

We are Praying for Your Family during this difficult time. We lost our Sophie recently and miss her still after 2 months.

God Bless You and Your Family!

Paula and Family!

by: sheryl

so sorry for your loss, i too have lost a good friend, my siamese blu. he was 19 yaers old and my baby so i know what you are going thru. harrison looked like a good kitty. rip harrison

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