My Niko

by Anabela

Two days before the diagnostic

Two days before the diagnostic

Niko, a male cat is 12 years and 3 months. In only a couple of weeks he went from playful to lethargic. From food motivated to turning his face to food. Took him to the vet and after blood work and an ultrasound, he confirmed my worst fears. He was diagnosed with jejunum cancer (small intestine) a month ago. I was told this kind of cancer is inoperable and not curable; as per the vet's words, the medication is meant only to "buy him some time". He is on steroids (1 1/2 pill daily) and chemotherapy once a week. The reaction to the 2nd pill of chemo was really bad for 5 days. To try and help him with those side effects the chemo will be (as from today) 1/4 pill every other day. some of the days are bad and I have to feed him with a syringe. I've just introduced (4 days ago) coconut oil on his diet and I hope it will help a bit.
I don't know if it is just a coincidence but it's been three days that he's been showing interest for food and he is also less lethargic.

I do not have any false hopes. I already told Niko that he is free to cross the bridge if he wants to. I love him and would love to have him around for many more years, but when the day comes that I notice he is in pain and that there's nothing else I can do to help him, then it'll be time to let him go. It will be the hardest thing, but that's how things are when we love our four legged companions.

Best of luck to all.

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