My Poopsie Kitty is now a Poopie on the Rug Kitty

by Colleen Rose
(Vista, California)



My cat Sushi is now 7 years old. She had always used the litter box with no problem. Around 2 years ago she started to poop outside the litter box. She would urinate in the box and poop outside the box. It seemed as though overnight she decided pooping outside the litter box was cool.

I started searching the internet for a reason why she is doing this and came across an article about cats having a very sensitive nose and the smell of scented cat litter after urinating on it causes an odor that some cats just don't like and that is why she may not want to go in the box. So I bought Perfume free clumping cat litter. Ala Naturelle and Sushi started to go in the box again.

Here's the kicker though, it is almost impossible to find fragrance free clumping cat litter now and so here I am once again frustrated as all get out because she is pooping outside the box again. I have tried every cat litter on the market, including non clumping fragrance free and she hated stepping on the "little rocks", however I have not gone to the pet store to pay an arm and a leg for "potty sand".

Newspaper down and she finds the one part not covering the carpet! UGH! It looks as though my budget will now have to include........the caviar of potty sand! Off to the pet store!

If your cat starts to poop outside the box, consider this first and try fragrance free cat litter. And, if your grocery store does not carry it speak to the manager about it. The more people that request an item for a store, the more likely they will carry it!