My sweet baby girl, EQ 1996-2012

by Michele

My sweet baby girl, EQ, passed away 2 days ago and I am crying as I type this. She had some health problems and rapidly deteriorated within the last 2 weeks. The vet found a mass on her belly and suspected cancer. We set up hospice stations for her in our home and gave her medications, including subcutaneous fluids. By the end she was so frail and weak and weighed only 4 pounds.

We made the painful decision to end her suffering peacefully. It was the hardest thing that I have ever had to do. She was my best friend and was with me for over 16 years. I never knew that I could love someone as much as I love her. She always slept with me at night and greeted me every day when I came home.

There is so much in my house that reminds me of her. Her favorite napping spot, her toys, her food bowl, etc. She is everywhere. She is my heart and I miss her so very much. :-( Rest in peace, sweet baby girl!

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baby girl, EQ 1996-2012 NEW
by: Oliver

Very sad about your baby girl. She was looking beautiful and the color is pure black. It is very much painful which you are feeling.

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by: Lejin

I am so sad to hear about the story of your sweet baby girl. I think she got much better caring for six years from you and your family members. I am sure that she was very happy with that. golden age cheese Anyway let she takes rest in peace!

Sweet Baby NEW
by: Ashley Amanda

You have to realize that everyone has to die, sooner or later. Remember her good memories and think about the fact that now she is in peace. May God bless you with patience and new reason to smile. You feel good if you share your sorrows. I am writing a post about essayontime fraud, and let me know if you wanted to contribute your experience. Thanks

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by: Sarin

My Hearty Condolence! I am very so sad to hear the news. I also have a kitten and I love my kitten as one of my children. So I am able to understand your feelings. It’s her fate! What can we do? Outlook email setup

by: Kelly

R.I.P. beautiful girl.

by: Anonymous

I'm so very sorry it's hard to lose someone so special. I know your pain and you are not alone.

My sweet baby girl, EQ 1996-2012
by: Linda Anthony

Hi Michelle: So sorry that your kitty has completed her life here. I lost my Sara (same age and a twin) Oct 24, this year and I see her all over too. I pray for your comfort. You did your best and gave so much to the journey of a helpless, innocent little one. Just take it a day at a time--the emotions are different each day. God bless, Linda

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