Natural Choice Dogumentary

The Natural Choice Dogumentary series began when The Nutro Company began reaching out to pet owners in order to learn from them how proper nutrition has helped their pups. The consequence of this effort is five heartwarming “dogumentaries” sharing real experiences from different families and truly sheds light on the importance of proper nutrition and how this impacts our animals' lives.

As I have explained many times, proper nutrition has not only changed my cats' lives, but it has saved their lives! After switching my diabetic cat, Calvin, to low carbohydrate canned food, I am convinced that his life has been saved. He, along with his brother who lost over 5 pounds on low-carbohydrate canned food, are healthier and happier now, at almost 16 years old, than they have been in their whole lives! Calvin requires very little insulin to be controlled as a diabetic cat, and you would never know by looking at him that anything is wrong.

Beyond my own cats, proper nutrition has been the biggest focus of my veterinary practice for years, and most of my clients who have switched to low-carb canned food have found their cats to be healthier as well, losing weight, coming off of insulin if they were diabetic, and even having healthier skin and fur.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that NUTRO has 13 canned cat food flavors that are perfect for diabetic cats.  For a list of those foods, please see this page.

I've shared Calvin's story many times, but am pleased to be able to share the Dogumentary series as well, which provides even more insight into proper nutrition for all of our pets, whether canine or feline! Below is the story of Stella, whose immune system reaped the benefits of good nutrition and veterinary care.

For other stories from the Natural Choice Dogumentary series, please see these videos or follow The Nutro Company on YouTube.

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Part 5: Purdee Ladi (Proper Life-Stage Feeding for Dogs)

This post was written by a Nutro Knowledge Network Member and sponsored by the Nutro Company.

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