(Alberta, Canada)


I have four sibling cats, raised indoors with me since they were six days old. One of them, an altered male cat, urinates inappropriately around the house. He has had struvite crystals in the past and is on a special diet.

We have tried Feliway spray and diffuser, different litter, medication, everything. We are now trying to find a new home for him but nobody seems to want to cover the cost of his food.

There is a farm willing to take him but I am worried about him suffering, as he wouldn't have his special diet which could lead to more crystals or he may get eaten or succumb to the elements as he has only ever lived indoors.

However, the other option is to have him put down. I don't know what to do. I love this cat and have tried everything. Any thoughts?


I would definitely not be able personally to surrender my cat to a farm under those conditions. If you haven't seen an actual veterinarian behaviorist, that should be pursued. If you are able to go to a Veterinary School's Hospital, you would find a good behaviorist there.

Otherwise, I would continue to aggressively pursue finding a private home for him. Post online, put up flyers, tell everyone you know to tell everyone they know ...Tell everyone you speak to that you would be willing to pay for his special food. That often makes all the difference.

If you don't find a home quickly, don't feel guilty keeping him in one bedroom with his own food, water, and litter and toys and comfy places to sleep. Cats can do quite well in small spaces.

Best of Luck,
Dr. Neely