Nursing cat has diarrhea

My cat gave birth to 3 kittens 18 days ago. She has had diarrhea today, yesterday, and for two days before that.

This is a very young cat that showed up at our back door on Christmas evening 2010. We kept her, no one claimed her or hung signs for a lost cat. We thought, at that time, that the kitty was only a few months old. We did not get her to a veterinarian yet. The kittens are very well cared for and have at least doubled in size, and all seem to be getting good attention from momma cat.

Since the birth, we have been giving her dry cat food with occasional canned cat food. Is it too soon to get all of the kittens and momma cat to a veterinarian? The diarrhea concerns us. We have taken the cat food away temporarily to get it out of her system. She seems fine. Can you suggest a temporary cat food or other remedy for her cat diarrhea?


Dear Dave,

I would recommend bringing both the mother cat and the kittens to a veterinarian. You should bring a fecal sample from the mother cat to be tested for parasites, and it is likely that your cat, because she was a stray, will need a general deworming. It is not too soon for the entire litter and momma cat to be taken to a veterinarian, and all will benefit from an exam.

Best wishes,
Dr. Neely

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