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Just recently, I was chosen as a founding member of the Nutro pet food company’s new Nutro Knowledge Network, an organization of pet loving professionals dedicated to researching and spreading the word about dog and cat nutrition. For more than 20 years, I’ve been dedicated to cat nutrition topics and have believed that cat nutrition likely plays a role in so many of the diseases cats get throughout their lifetimes, including feline kidney and liver disease, inflammatory bowel disease, feline hyperthyroidism, cat diabetes, and many others.

My own cats' nutritional needs became even more complicated as I tried to find a diet that would be right for both my diabetic and my kidney disease cat. The prescription low protein cat food diets for feline kidney disease were not low enough in carbohydrates for my diabetic cat. So I was back to the drawing board, trying to find lower protein, low carbohydrate, high-quality canned foods to feed all of my cats to best accommodate their health conditions.

Couple these facts about the role of diet in many cat health problems with recent events in which many cats and dogs have been dying from contaminated pet food and you can see why nutrition and food are such important topics for me. You can understand my delight when I was asked by the Nutro pet food company to be a founding member of Nutro Knowledge Network. It is my hope that this team of bright, concerned, pet-loving professionals will work together to find some solutions and share information about pet nutrition with you, our readers, as the months go on.


Where Nutro pet food and other products are concerned, I am impressed with the company’s dedication to both quality and safety. As you can see for yourself from the video below, Nutro is a company dedicated to providing the best in natural, nutritious foods for our dogs and cats.

To learn more about Nutro pet food, please visit their website. I also encourage you to read my articles below to learn more about The Nutro Company’s dedication to keeping our pets healthy and happy, both through providing the best nutrition and through various programs designed to create enrichment for companion animals everywhere.

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This post was written by a Nutro Knowledge Network Member and sponsored by the Nutro Company.

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