Older Cat Acting Odd

by Petes momma

My cat is 11 years old, fixed and very healthy and active. Tonight he has started acting like he is "marking" his territory by squatting on blankets and other soft things around the house. There is a small amount of clear red tinted liquid he is leaving behind. What could be going on? He is still happy and eating, sleeping, and using the restroom.

Thank you for this site.

The red liquid your kitty is leaving behind is likely blood in his urine. If he is squatting and straining, there is a possibility that he has a urinary obstruction, which could be fatal if not treated immediately. It could also be a urinary tract infection, which is not as critical, but still needs to be addressed quickly. Please get your kitty to a veterinarian for an exam as soon as possible.

Best wishes,
Dr. Neely

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