Older cat circling at night

Our older cat has been acting funny in the evening around 9:30 looking to one side and can only turn in that direction. He looks over his right side, licks the back right side by the tail and is having issues. It goes away after an hour but he is not himself when this happens. We took him off this feline hyperthyroidism medication, as we thought it was a side affect, but after 3 days of the medications he started doing it again. Can you help with this???

Your cat should be seen by a veterinarian,
preferably the one who had diagnosed him as having feline hyperthyroidism. The symptoms you described are not likely a side effect of his medication, but could be secondary to cat hyperthyroidism.

The first thing that comes to mind with the symptoms you described is that your cat may be having seizures. This could be as a result of his feline hyperthyroidism, or it could be a completely independent issue. Seizures in cats can range in symptoms from the cat being on his side and turning rigid with an arched back to something as simple and subtle as a few twitches of his ears, so they can be difficult to recognize.

It would be best for your cat to be examined as soon as possible.

Dr. Neely

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