Older Cat is losing Hair Below Eye is this a serious problem

Wooker Has A Eye Problem

Wooker Has A Eye Problem


Our Wooker, a female cat who is very old, has heart problems, small kidneys and is hyperthyroid develope this eye problem below her eye (see photo) about a week ago.
Her eyes appear to be okay and look the same it is as ifshe is losing hair under the eye.

Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.


Unfortunately, the picture you provided shows the eye that isn't losing hair very well, and doesn't give me a good view at all of the eye under which there is hair loss.

If the hair under which the hair loss is occuring looks exactly like the other hair, then it is probably ok and the problem is a skin problem. If there is discharge of any kind (which can occur with old age or hyperthyroidism, etc.) coming from the eye, the constant drainage as well as any rubbing she may be doing of the eye could cause the hair loss.

Otherwise, it could be a number of things. It could be an allergy, ringworm, fleas, or could be related to her hyperthyroidism or even her hyperthyroid medication if she is taking medication. You would have to take her to the vet to see what this is really about.
Dr. Neely

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