Older Kitten eating a lot and vomits

by Shauna
(Riyadh Saudi Arabia)


I have a kitten that is about 10 months old. She is spayed and has all of her shots. She lives outside, but our climate is warm year round.

I noticed that she has been vomiting the last 2 days, but not after every feeding. She seems to be constantly hungry and asking for food. I thought that her over eating was due to competing for food with neighborhood cats.

So, I have been watching her while she eats to insure she gets food. Then, I found out that my husband and son have also been feeding her. I believe that she is eating too much and then vomiting. Could this be so? She appears to be healthy and of a normal weight.


Dear Shauna,

Thank you for writing in with your concern. It certainly could be that she is eating too much or too quickly and then vomiting. Considering that she lives outside, however, there are many other possible causes for the vomiting, including parasites.

Please see my page on Cat Vomiting for an extensive list of possible causes for vomiting, even in such a young cat.

Best wishes,
Dr. Neely

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