oogie-boogie, 2002-2015

by june bullied
(toronto, ontario, canada)

my 13 year old calico oogie-boogie who was an FIV cat passed on to the rainbow bridge nov.15,2015. she went into the next stages, stopped eating and drinking. vet ran blood works, x-rays, ultrasound. my precious angel's liver was 1/4 size of normal liver, was jaundiced and cancerous. all her blood works were way off and she had osteo-arthritis. this all happened in a matter of 2 weeks. i was devastated. i luv and miss her so much. i held her in my arms covering her with kisses when she passed and am now waiting for her ashes and urn so i can bring her home where she belongs. i will always have her 2 beds in case she decides to spend a night with me and of course my bed which she slept in every night for 1 month. i think she was trying to tell me something. maybe that she was not going to be with me much longer and cuddled so close with me at night. i smothered her with kisses. i have another calico sweet-tart who knows she is gone and cant get close enough to me. i know she is trying to make the pain go away. my heart aches and the tears just keep falling. it hurts so much. i always say its not good-bye but till we meet again.
i have to believe this or i will make myself crazy.

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