open wounds after spaying

by Hannah Maddock
(Calgary, AB, CANADA)

I found the thread on your site regarding this topic, but I didn't find the answer I was looking for.

My kitten Zoey was spayed 6 days ago. When I got home from work today, I noticed that her stitches had come out and her wound was open. It was also pussy.

I took her straight to the veterinarian. My veterinarian, however, is on holidays until April 8th. The veterinary technician who saw my cat said that she pulled out the top later of stitches (1 of 3) and that it was infected. The tech said it will heal on its own but it will take a long time. She also said, though, that I can have her put back under and re-stitched, but it is my call.

The original incision mark was about 2" long, and its the bottom 3/4" that is open. Given that its infected, as a veterinarian, what would your recommendation be?

Thank you so much,
Hannah and Zoey

Dear Hannah,

Although I cannot be certain without seeing your kitten in person, from what you described, I would recommend that you leave it alone. The fact that it is such a small area, that it is not open all the way into the abdomen, and that it is infected all suggest that letting it heal on its own would be your best option. In fact, since it is infected, having the area open will allow any fluid and puss to drain out and will prevent the infection from being sealed in.

If the technician did not start your kitten on antibiotics, though, you should go back to the veterinarian right away. She should be treated with antibiotics for the infection even if you decide to let the wound heal on its own.

Best wishes,
Dr. Neely

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