Oreh (OT) TIGER 1994 - September 7, 2010

by Jodie & Sharon
(Shreveport , Louisiana)

My cat did not die - my friend of 16 years did.

My wife and I bred Dobermans for years, then I lost my big male hero at 14 years old. A few weeks later at work, a security person had some orange tabbys to give away. I was never a cat person, but the little male was very people friendly.

I took him home and tried to pay bills. He kept getting in my way and I was mean to him. Well, that broke my heart and his was still for me.

He wanted to sleep in our bedroom, but I closed the door. Well, he started meowing and it sounded like momma, so of course I opened the door and Oreh started his life sleeping with my wife and I.

Oreh is Hero backwards which was the name of my male doberman.

Well, at 12 years old, he became insulin dependent. 2 shots per day. My wife with her great love of animals took this burden on without any hesitation. This was for 4 years.

Then his kidneys started failing a few weeks ago. It has been very hard since.

My cat Oreh was a clown. He was a ball of fun, my lap cat. Sunday morning, my paper, my cat, my coffee. And he liked coffee.

Well, this morning, 9-7-10, my wife held him as he was put down. I built a box like I did for all of our lost pets. We put him in it with my bell from my Harley and his favorite toys, a work hat that he liked to sleep in and my wife's fishing hat.


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ot oreh tiger

by: jodie-sharon

thanks it means a lot more than you will ever know for your comments. i still put a ice cube in the bowl at the sink ,we called it an ice duck but he wanted cold or running water and would ask for it,i called him water head sometimes at the bath room sink he would look at himself in the mirror after sticking his head under the running water , we have 2 cats inside ms monkey she is 16 years old,and ms.libbey this is the cat he slep with for 14 years she looks for him sometimes at night but finaly goes to sleep we called them the married couple, sad sometimes to see her without him.thanks for all for your add on to this

by: jmuhj

My deepest condolences for your loss of your beloved little man, Oreh. What a tiny kitten he was in your photo -- and what a BIG part he was of your family and your hearts. I know.

May you find comfort in the knowledge that Oreh is free of pain and suffering, free of the problems of age, and free of the sorrows of this life. You will be reunited again -- count on it.

A wonderful kitty indeed!
by: Pamela S.

What a fitting tribute to such an awesome family member. I had the privilege of meeting Oreh on many occasions at The Cat Doctor Feline Medical Center in Shreveport where I work. He will be fondly and lovingly remembered always.

One loved family member
by: Helen

I didn't get to know Oreh but I know of the love Sharon and Jody had for him. As one of the family he could not have had a better set of parents. I know that he will be missed deeply, but I also know with my heart that from the first day that he came into the Gary home until he went home to stay, no cat could have had a better couple to sepend his time here on earth with.
In my prayers always. Helen

What a wonderful tribute!
by: Lynn Boughton

Sharon & Jodie,

I was so sorry to hear you had to put OT down. Jodie, what a wonderful tribute you did. I cried through the thing!

My heart goes out to you and Sharon.


sleep little Kitty
by: Angie

Oreh, you are with Granny, I just know. She is stroking your head now and talking about how at peace ya'll are! I know Jodie and Sharon miss you.......but you are so much happier now!! My thoughts are with you Sharron as you miss you furry friend!!

by: Cindy Rea

Oh Jody and Sharon, I am so sorry! this brought tears to my eyes! you will be in my thoughts and prayers!

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