Our Sassy

by Denise

Queen of our castle.

Queen of our castle.

Sassy is our beautiful Persian. She is 6-7 years old. We adopted her from a person that no longer wanted her, for some reason. We now realize why. Persians require maintenance. Our carpeting has "clean spots" here and there from her hairballs, due to the fact that her owner (my husband) did not know how much she really needs to be groomed and cared for. Oh well. She is ours now and she is a love. She has a really cool personality. She is so funny to watch when she plays. She reminds me of a raccoon hunched over and she "hops" sideways. She is a beauty.

Comments for Our Sassy

Oct 28, 2015
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by: Bir bahadur

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Oct 06, 2015
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by: Piyumi

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