Outdoor cat

by Agnieszka
(Palo Alto, Ca)

I have a male neutered cat that lives outside in the garage. Recently we are dog sitting our cousin's dog who is pretty old and doesn't do much. He lies outside on the grass and sleeps. He is fenced off so he only stays in one part of the yard. My cat didn't come to the garage last night and I was wondering if it is because of the dog?

The cat and dog are fenced off separately, but could that be why my cat didn't come home? Could it be that the dog is in his territory and he won't come home? I leave the cat's food in the garage as usual by his bed.


The dog could absolutely be the reason your cat didn't come home. The cat's territory extends beyond the garage. Also, if your cat is fearful of the dog, your cat doesn't necessarily immediately understand that the fence will protect him.

There are, of course, numerous reasons an outdoor cat may not return. There are many dangers outdoors for a cat. However, the timing would seem to indicate it could be the dog.

I hope by the time you read this, your kitty has returned.

Best wishes,
Dr. Neely

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