Outdoor Cats Are More Likely To Have Tragic Endings

by Melanie Neer
(Elmhurst, NY, USA)

I've had cats ever since I was a mere five years old, I'm now 55 and yes, have presently have a cat named Kissy. Since I've lived in an apartment all my life, the idea of having any of my cats outdoors was definitely not an option, so all my cats have been indoor only cats. Also, since living in an apartment, to ensure their safety, have also had screens in all the windows to prevent them from accidentally falling out. As far as I can tell, all my cats have been very content in being indoors and never had the desire to "roam".

As to the issue of people condoning the idea of letting one's cat(s) outdoors to roam freely, I just can't understand why people allow this. Since so many pet owners in general view their pets as part of the family, why do people believe their pet cat will be "happier" if allowed outdoors? If they have human children, they wouldn't sanction their children to "roam" freely and unsupervised, so why a pet cat?

Time and time again, I constantly hear horror stories of people's cats ending in a tragic death due to allowing their cat to roam outdoors. How often have any of us heard some story on the news via the internet, of a person's cat being hit by a car, stolen, or missing and never found again? Then are the "real" horror stories, and one that I heard recently, but not on some internet story, although such stories exist, but with one of my Facebook friends. She too believed it was perfectly all right to have her cat outdoors, but then one day she found her cat dead on her property. It turned out her cat had been slammed repeatedly against a wall, crushing it's skull. She has a suspicion as to who killed her cat, since as the story goes, that this person (actually an eleven year old child) had harmed her cat once before, but due to not having sufficient evidence against the child can't press charges against him or his family.

Therefore, If one truly loves their cat(s) and wants to avoid such tragic results such as the ones I've cited, I simply wish people would keep their cats strictly indoors.

Comments for Outdoor Cats Are More Likely To Have Tragic Endings

Oct 19, 2015
Tyson NEW
by: Mariam D'Albertis

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Oct 01, 2011
One such news article about what can happen
by: Melanie Neer

I constantly come across articles and news items describing horrific endings to cats that are outdoors...I just came across this one now--yes these are feral cats from a colony but the same thing happens to cats that are pets and are owned


Sep 28, 2011
by: Martha

Excellent article, thank you, Ms Neer

Martha Vitez

Sep 20, 2011
by: Anonymous

All of my cats have been indoor cats and they are all happy, healthy and safe!! I can't understand how some people let their cats outdoors then cry when something happens to the cat. I just want to scream "IF YOU KEPT YOUR CAT INDOORS, YOU WOULDN'T BE CRYING OVER YOUR DECEASED CAT NOW. MAYBE NEXT TIME YOU'LL THINK BEFORE LETTING YOUR CAT OUTDOORS!!"

Sep 16, 2011
cat rescue
by: Deb Basha

Every situation is different. We live on a small island and have 9 indoor-outdoor cats...all off of the mean-streets...or out of kill-shelters.We also manage two feral colonies...which is a constant job...trapping, spaying, neutering, returning, feeding every single day...no matter the weather.Rarely do we have kittens in the colonies...which is a mercy...but when we do find babies...they are socialized and rehomed...after being fully vetted. I just spent 400.00 on three baby ferals, and managed to TNR the mother a few weeks ago. ...Our own group of cats range in ages 6-19 years. Obviously, this is a good situation for a group of cats who were doomed until we took them in. =^..^= We care for 40 cats a day...and 5 dog rescues.When you are working on that scale...then you can judge.

Sep 15, 2011
Indoor/VS Outdoor
by: Anonymous

All of our cats are strictly indoor only and absolutely freak if taken outside for any reason! We care for a feral colony of siblings that were abandoned by the owners 5 years ago as tiny kittens( owners skipped town in the middle of the night).New irresponsible cat owners let theirs run loose,not spayed or neutered and now several generations beat up and injure my all fixed ferals!Not to mention they don't bother buying food anymore...after all they can eat here! Disgusting,irresponsible and frustrating!

Sep 12, 2011
by: Sue Hamlin

Good article, Melanie. My son lost a kitty some years back when she was outside. He got another kitty recently. Pippa is only allowed out back. Fortunately at the new Santa Fe house, they have a very high wall back there that the kitty can't scale.

Sep 12, 2011
I definitely agree !
by: Diane Margaret

all my cats have always been indoor cats & all my future cats will always be indoor cats. Why? because I truly care about their health & well being!

Sep 12, 2011
YES to indoor cats
by: Linda

There is NO way I'd let my Mika outside! My vet told me there's nothing wrong with keeping your cat indoors. It will never be run over by a car, it won't be poisoned or abused or tortured by people who hate cats! It will never be hungry or thirsty and it will get lots and lots of love! And... it won't be taken to a shelter where it will be killed by heartless people!

Sep 12, 2011
Absolutely agree!
by: Cindy Ciarpella

Definitely agree that cats should never be allowed to roam freely. There are far too many dangers outside for any cat to be truly safe roaming. If you do not have an outdoor enclosure or a cat safe fenced yard, please keep them inside. Or you can always try training them to walk with a leash and harness! Good article.

Sep 12, 2011
Indoor cats live longer
by: Lee Hayes

Where I live it is perfectly legal to trap cats and release them in the wild. As long as you use a live trap and cause them no harm. There have been many "indoor cats" just let out for a little while come up missing. Now it has come to light that a neighbor woman has been trapping and releasing them. She doesn't like cats. And can not remember where she released them at. I feel bad for the people who have lost pets, but all 5 of mine remain indoors, and have for years.

Sep 12, 2011
I agree with you!
by: Karen Curtis

With my over 15 years experience volunteering at a local shelter, far to many cats end up with tragic endings when they are allowed to free roam outside. I had to ask a senior staff member twice to help a co-worker out who needed help to pay for expensive medical procedures on two cats with severe injuries from being hit by a car, and one cat that had a severe shattered front leg from causes that could not be 100% determined. Both cats did well after very expensive medical interventions. Sadly the cats could not be returned to former homes, after the owners still would not agree to keep them indoors. Both cats would have been at a greater risk outside since both had a full amputation of an extremity.
I have a multi cat household and my cats are happy and well adjusted to INDOOR ONLY life styles!!

Sep 12, 2011
Excellent article
by: Anonymous

I agree with you 100%! Some towns have leash laws that also apply to cats, meaning you can be fined if your cat is allowed to roam at large. My cats are indoor cats! They're not wild animals.

Sep 11, 2011
I agreee
by: Shannon

I completely agree with you. I have 4 kitties and can't even imagine allowing any of them to roam free.

Sep 11, 2011
My Cats Stay Inside!
by: Anne Hartman

Well said, Melanie, and I couldn't agree more! I currently have 5 beautiful kitties and they're strictly indoor cats although I now live in the country where lots of people let their cats roam free. There are so many dangers I can't understand how anyone who loves their cat(s) could ever subject them to them!

Sep 11, 2011
Well said
by: AngryKittyMSV

Nice work. Cats kept indoors generally live longer as well and are less likely to catch certain illnesses that they can get from feral cats or from eating other critters that they catch.

Sep 11, 2011
i completely agree
by: Anonymous

there are far to many dangers outside to let any cat roam free safer to keep them inside where you can at least be sure to monitor their comings and goings.

Sep 10, 2011
I agree with the "enclosure" idea
by: Melanie Neer

Yes I agree that if people have constructed some kind of outdoor enclosure that keeps cats safe that's great alternative--unfortunately most people don't do this

Sep 10, 2011
Outdoor Matters
by: Sheila Dunning

Good article Melanie :). Though I really have no problem with those that wish to let their cats outside as long as they are let out into an entirely enclosed, enclosure or via a harness and leash. I do agree that one should never just let their animal roam freely without supervision, cause like you stated that is when stuff happens.

Sep 10, 2011
by: Anonymous

I never let my baby go outside ever.

Sep 10, 2011
I agree, almost wholeheartedly
by: Anonymous

There are alternatives for people who aren't in apartments. Little mesh tents in various sizes for on the deck or patio, allow the cats to be with you outdoors while safely enclosed.

Sep 10, 2011
Or on a leash
by: Anonymous

I totally agree. So sorry for what happened to your friend's kitty. It's very sad to hear.

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