Outside? "Yes please" cat.

by israela sharman
(Queensland )

My darling Persia

My darling Persia

Outside cats are so much happier.

I have a one-year-old, black and white cat. She has been an outside cat since she was 4 months old, going in and out when she pleased.

Happy and energetic, she was always curious and fascinated with everything and everyone until I had to move home and heard things in the neighbourhood about horrible things people have done to other cats.

She is an inside cat now and she is a lot quieter and not as playful. She won't come and greet visitors anymore. It's like her spark in her eyes has faded.

Cats belong outside! It is their instinct to be free. They are like wild cats - you can tame them, but there is still that side to them.

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Feb 07, 2013
Cats do not belong outdoors...without a enclosure NEW
by: Anonymous

Cats “belong” outside no more than any other pet (like parrots dogs, mice, rats and rabbits.)
This does not mean, that letting them roam free, especially in places like Australia is a good thing.

Cats are perfect little killing machines when it comes to local wildlife, and are highly prone to being hit by cars and in fights with local animals. Their very wild nature as you put it, makes them so detrimental to our local wildlife especially.

If outdoors, I highly suggest building a cat enclosure or pen (we have one). It’s no crueler than keeping a dog in a fenced yard or a bird in a (good) enclosure. And there are many amazing ideas online to look at that cats love!

Nov 16, 2011
by: israela

i was looking at a few of them on the internet , its a good idea, i also like taking her out on a little lead she don't seem to mind that. but yea good idea for the outside pen for her or yours.

Sep 18, 2011
My max!
by: Amy

My max is an indoor cat- but he wants to go out so bad! I wish I could let him out! I'm buying a tent for cats soon- I hope he likes it! He won't be roaming but it will be more outside than he has ever been... And he will be safe!!! I have no idea if it will be fun for him - but maybe it's something your little guy would like?

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