Pain Management

by Ron

Hello Dr. Neely,

I am about to have my 4.5 month old kitten spayed. The doctor wants to give her a pre-surgical injection of Metacam. The internet seems to be filled with horror stories concerning this drug.

Would you choose this medication or is there a safer alternative for post-sugical pain management?


Hi, Ron

I do not use Metacam in cats. I use Torbugesic and have been happy with that and it is safe. I would not use Metacam in cats.

I hate to "open up a can of worms", but I'm here to represent the cats of the world, right? would be more concerned about the type of anesthetic that is used.

Anesthesia for cats is something I really need to write an article about, but until I do, if you would just like to ask your vet how they induce and maintain anesthesia in cats, I would be happy to give you an opinion about it. Anesthesia can be very safe or it can be risky. Recovery can be smooth for the cat or it can be quite rocky.

Thanks, Dr. Neely

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