Funny Pictures of Cats Bad Hair Days Contest Winner

Every cat owner loves pictures of cats, but sometimes our felines aren’t the most photogenic. We all have bad hair days, right? Even our cats! And now, we are ready to reveal the cat having the worst hair day: The winner of our pictures of cats worst hair days FURminator package!

In celebration of National Hairball Awareness Day, FURminator, one of the sponsors helping to keep cat health information and answers to your questions completely free, offered a great cat grooming and deshedding package to the funny pictures of cats contest entry showing the worst hair day of a cat.

Now, we all understand that not every cat can have a visibly bad hair day. Some don’t have hair long enough to really look, at least to the naked eye, like they are having a bad hair day. However, cats are very fastidious about their hair. As we all know, our felines spend quite a bit of time fussing with their fur.

For all we know, our kitties may experience their own cat hair styles differently than we perceive - when even one hair is out of place, if our finicky felines knew how, they just might try to cover it up with a hat... much as we do on our bad hair days. In other words, if your cat doesn’t have a crazy hairdo, but might wear a funny cat hat or otherwise try to disguise a bad hair day, you were entitled to enter one of your pictures of cats in our worst hair day contest, too!

We encouraged you to be silly, be creative, and have fun with your favorite feline’s cat hair! To take a hat off a doll, try a Halloween costume on your kitty, or give him a little cat hair mohawk ... And now, we have our winner!

Don't Worry, Kitty. It will grow back!

Congratulations to our winner! And a warm thank you to all of our bad hair day contest participants! To jump to all of our great entries, click here.

What we asked from our pet picture contest participants:

- In order to be eligible to win, before submitting your entry, please sign up for our free newsletter to stay informed about this contest, upcoming contests, and other important AskTheCatDoctor "Mews", including medical and behavioral advice about cats. You may cancel your subscription at any time, but we don't think you will want to!

- Take or submit one photo of your cat having a bad hair day OR wearing a hat to disguise his or her bad hair day

- Add a caption to your photo as a title for your entry. Be creative!

- Your entry can be a photo of one cat or of multiple cats. However, only one photo, one entry, per person/IP address is allowed.

- Photoshop or other photo-editing software is allowed if your kitty is too shy to be seen even in a hat on a bad hair day.

- The photo submitted must be an original photo taken by you, not under copyright of any other company or individual.

Pictures of Cats Bad Hair Day Contest Prizes

The grand prize winner will win the Ultimate Cat Hairballs Package, which includes the winner’s choice of one long-haired or short-haired, over 10lb or under 10lb, FURminator deShedding Tool, one bottle of FURminator Hairball Prevention Shampoo for Cats, and one bottle of FURminator Hairball Prevention Waterless Spray for Cats (estimated contest prize package value of $70).

Pet Contest Winner Selection

The winners will be chosen by staff at and based on humor, creativity, and originality of all eligible entries from our video and photo contests.

The winners will be announced shortly after the close of the entry period.

Need Pet Picture Contest Entry Ideas?

Confused about what we mean by bad hair days, or a cat in a hat? Some of our own cats wanted to contribute their photos to give you some inspiration, and of course, to be able to participate even though our kitties can’t enter for their chance to win our cat photo contest!

After finding your inspiration and reading our complete Contest Rules and Regulations, just fill in and submit the form below for your chance to win!


View The Bad Hair Day Entries from Other Readers!

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Don't Worry, Kitty. It will grow back! 
My lil' kitty Boo is a miracle kitty! At only 4 months, he had to undergo a rare surgery on his throat, as he could not breathe without being in the …

Ugh!! Not rated yet
Bebe deserves to win the bad hair day contest, because he feels he must be compensated for taking that bath!

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As a Devon Rex cat, my curly furs swirl every-which-way! A wig is perfect for those bad fur days. My furs are a little bit sparse, so I would have my …

Ooooh that shower felt sooooo good! Not rated yet
Tokyo loves to hop in the shower with you. Since he has been a baby (as depicted in pic), it's been one of his favorite activities. He's never shied …

Papa Smurf Not rated yet
Garfield was given to us at 3 weeks-old, we had to bottle feed him for a week with the help of Quagga we managed to save him. Garfield in return became …

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