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I live in Florida and found about a lady who "breeds" bengal cats. She said she sells them and she has also told some that she gives them away. I have since found out that basically she has a catery. She has a 5 month old female and she is looking for a home for her. I have one dog and thought the dog would like some company. I can have the cat, but she has not had any shots or testing for leukemia nor has had any visits at all at the vet. I'm somewhat apprehensive about adopting her (from NC) since she has apparently had no medical care. The lady said that this cat is the last one of a litter of 5 and that she did not sell her because she doesn't have the "usual" number of markings that most bengals have. I'm not sure I believe this story. If I decide to take her, my sister will take her to a vet before she transports her since she has 2 cats of her own and has to make sure she doesn't have feline leukemia. I need some advice about whether or not to take the chance on this cat. Also, could she be pregnant herself?


Anything is possible. It sounds like it's impossible to know what to believe.

Unfortunately, not everyone in the world is honest and that can include any profession, including breeders. Sometimes, people that are trying to find a cat a home aren't completely honest about the kitty because they are just trying to say whatever will sound best so the cat will indeed be adopted.

Yes, she could potentially be pregnant. She could also have any of many different conditions, some of which could be minor and others serious. Your sister is doing the VERY SMART THING by taking her by the vet's office first for an exam and testing.

The way I look at it, if her exam and tests are good, then you're doing a great thing by giving her a home, regardless of whether the breeder's words are all truth or not. In this case, I would focus on the cat, not the breeder, but with an emphasis on getting a clean bill of health from the veterinarian.

Good luck,I hope this works out for you and the kitty.

All the best,
Dr. Neely

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