Pregnant Cat/ recently had kittens - flea treatment - drool - keeps trying to clean herself

by K


We have recently taken in a stray cat - I originally thought she was a kitten as she was so small. However, that was a few weeks ago and I haven't been home much, but a few days ago, I noticed she was pregnant - but also riddled with fleas and ticks.

For the mom cat's and her kittens' health, I rushed out and bought her kitten food and Bob Martins flea spray which then was to be followed by the spot on flea repellent a day later. I put it on her neck as instructed, however, she got to it.

My cat started drooling excessively which the packet said would happen - however the packet didn't say if it would make her terribly ill or not. I gave her plenty of water and watered down food for fluids and she seemed fine, no other bad signs.

I also wiped off as much of the treatment as I could. My cat has wandered off now as she does every day, but I want to make sure she'll be ok?

Also, the mom cat may have had the kittens - I personally feel she has become slimmer, but I didn't think she was far enough along to give birth - so she may not have. Please help to put my mind at rest.


I'm sorry I cannot put your mind to rest. Also, we have been so overwhelmed with questions that we are behind and by now perhaps you know whether the kittens were born and if they're ok and if the Mom cat is ok. However, I want to answer this question for the benefit of other readers as well.

NEVER run out and buy something to apply to a cat without asking a veterinarian. I understand that people think that if a product is in a pet store and says it is ok for cats and was approved by the FDA to be in the store, then it would seem that it must be ok. THAT IS NOT THE CASE!

There are many dangerous products for cats on the market and there are many dangerous products around the home and in the pet stores that will harm and possibly kill your cats. Flea products are high on the list, but there are many others.

Cats can have very toxic reactions, even death from products that cause people and/or dogs no problems.

If you need to treat your cat for ANYTHING, please consult a veterinarian before using the product.

Also, if a cat is pregnant, DON'T TREAT IT FOR ANYTHING without consulting a veterinarian.

Many, most, things that we can safely use on cats that are not pregnant may, however, harm the unborn kittens in a pregnant cat. It is no different than pregnant women. There are many substances that cause birth defects or other harm to a fetus and a human obstetrician needs to be consulted before using anything. The same is true for animals!

I sincerely hope everything turned out ok for Mom and the kittens, but even if that is the case, you really took a serious risk treating her with flea spray, both for her and for her unborn kittens.

A cat should NEVER be treated with Flea SPRAY. There are safe cat flea medications such as Frontline Plus for Cats and Advantage that are applied to the back of the neck once monthly. Sprays of any type are very risky.

Best Regards,
Dr. Neely

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