Pregnant Queen Cat

by Nikki

Hi Dr. Neely,

My cat Lilly is heavily pregnant and my estimations put her at having about 1-2 weeks of gestation left before she has her litter. My question, as this is the first time I have owned a pregnant cat, is that I was wondering why literally overnight her belly became really firm and looks as though it has gotten bigger as well?

Is this normal? She doesn't seem to be in any sort of distress and is still acting normal, the only change in her behavior is that she is sleeping more which, from what I have read, is to be expected? Please help me with this query.


Dear Nikki,

I wouldn't say that your cat's belly would literally become larger and firmer overnight in your cat's pregnancy. But, just because of the way we process things as humans, it often seems sudden. Our cats reach a point with weight loss or weight gain where we suddenly recognize it.

I certainly couldn't say for certain without examining your cat or doing an ultrasound to determine whether or not there is something wrong medically with your cat, but if she is eating and acting normally, this is likely normal. If you are still concerned, however, bringing your cat to the vet is always a wise decision.

Best wishes,
Dr. Neely

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