Pregnant Cat. Is She or Isn't She?
by Jessica (Worcester)

My cat was bred on June 11

The male cat did mount her and she screamed as though she was fertilized..(i guess you could say)

And i read all over the internet that a pregnant cat will start to show around this time around 4o days... My cat is not showing.. She has gained a few pounds since she was bred but she isnt showing any true signs of being pregnant..

Another thing she has very pink nipples but they arent very hard. They have these little sacks around them though. Is that her producing milk? Or is that normal for a cat who isn't fixed? IT honestly feels like there is milk but I'm just not too sure. I hope that you can give me some advice.

Hi, Jessica,

If she's a pregnant cat, she certainly should be showing by now, but sometimes it is hard to tell the difference in a cat that is pregnant and one that has just gained a little weight.

The only signs of pregnancy to the naked eye are increased abdomenal size and more prominent nipples. You wouldn't be able to get milk out of her nipples at this stage. However, nipples on a cat are generally extremely small , sometimes very difficult to even find. If her nipples are easily seen and projecting a little away from her body, she could very well be pregnant. They don't have to be hard when you feel them, just larger.

Also, if she has gained weight, what would be the reason for that except pregnancy? Were you feeding her more? Were you trying to put weight on her? Has her living situation changed? If you answer no to those questions and yet you notice a weight difference, that would certainly make me suspicious that she is pregnant.

I cannot tell you more than that without seeing her, but within another week, you should definitely be able to see that her abdomen is rounder and prominent and feel more confident whether she is or isn't pregnant.

Thank you for writing, Dr. Neely

Thank you
by: Jessica

Thank you so much for your advice.

To answer your questions about eating, putting weight on her, or change of living. They are all answered no. When i first got her she was a very skinny cat, i believe that she was abused and possibly starved, i used to feed her the moist food to put weight on her but when she gained a few pounds and starting getting bad gas i discontinued feeding it to her. But since she has been bred her feeding habits have been the same, same food, same water, treats every now and again but nothing unusual, ive always left a full bowl of food out for her and my other cat so i dont see why she would be gaining weight

Sometimes it seems as if she looks pregnant like her belly is very large and at times she just looks normals, its like i dont know what to expect.. But i know what i am looking for and want to see if I'm just not seeing it. ALl the signs of pregnancy are there, just no change in her body figure. Thank you, Jessica

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