Pus near kitten's penis

I have 3 week old kittens. All of the kittens that are male are normal except one. He has a dime-sized, filled-in circle around his penis that appears to be filled with puss or some yellowish liquid. I need help. I do not have the money to get the kitten checked out by a veterinarian and all the vets want to tell me is to keep an eye on him. But I know his kitten health is serious. The kitten is nursing and developing normally, and there are no other bad signs, but I need help as soon as possible. THANK YOU!!!!!

Any kind of discharge from a cat or kitten, in any location on the body, that is yellowish or greenish in color and looks like pus is certainly cause for concern and requires immediate attention from a veterinarian.

If what you are seeing is, in fact, his penis, it is important to note that sometimes kittens will nurse on body parts of the other kittens in their litter. It is possible that the other kittens are nursing on this kitten's penis, and that the area has become very swollen and infected. Again, this needs immediate veterinary attention. The area could actually become so inflamed that your kitten may not be able to urinate, and he could actually die if not treated.

Dr. Neely

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