Rajah was 22 years old and passed away February 26,2013.

by Cristina Duenas

Rajah was a small kitten that was abandoned by my neighbors. She caught my attention when she dragged a large hamburger patty across the sidewalk. She would cry at the neighbors' door. I brought her food and water and talked to her. She would meet me in the laundry room, and then one day followed me to my apartment. From then on, she was mine forever.

She lived with me in 5 homes and was loved by many. In college she would lay on my books when I had to study. She demanded full attention. My husband of 8 years also fell in love with Rajah. She actually would make her claim to him, crawling on his chest every night when he tried to play on his laptop. She would tap her paw on your face when she wanted to be pet.

As she got older, she just wanted to be close to us at all times. Her last days, she would stare deeply into my eyes for hours. I believe her spirit was placed in my life to show me unconditional love and dedication. The pain of loosing her is so hard. Just eating dinner tonight, I looked over my shoulder and she was not there trying to steal my food. Eating dinner will never be the same. My heart aches, but I know she is in peace.

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