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The Ask The Cat Doctor reality television series is designed to provide an educational and entertaining look into the lives of cats, sharing everything we know and love about them with you!

Ask The Cat Doctor TV is the official YouTube channel and the only channel completely dedicated to everything about cats! From cat health to cat care, we cover a variety of topics on our YouTube channel. Whether we are discussing particular cat illness symptoms, diseases, or treatments, cat behavior problems and solutions like cat litter box problems, how-to guides like cat nail trimming, feeding cats, or testing diabetic cats, or just sharing interesting and fun videos of cats just being cats, there's something for everyone!

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One of the best things we can offer with our YouTube channel is the opportunity to help you and your cats more than ever before. If you have questions about cat care, illnesses, symptoms, behavior, or anything else related to cats, we're happy to answer your question through one of our episodes! Do you want to participate? Simply send in your questions via the form below.

Or maybe just learning from others, and from us, is all you really need, or maybe you just need a smile for the day. If that's the case, we're please to introduce you to:

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The reality television series “Tails From The CatDoctor,” has 16 episodes available on-demand at the Tails from The Cat Doctor website. Please check them out here!


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