Remembering Tiggy

by Sandi

He’s gone now. It’sbeen two months and I still can’t believe he’s gone. I miss him so much.

I remember the day Tiggy and and his brother, Hobbes, cameto live with me. They were five-year-oldbrothers, coming from a home where they were loved very much, but where therewere many kitties, to my home, where I needed some kitties to love. Their “Mom” brought them, and sat down on thefloor with them as they slowly came out of the cat carriers. Everyone thought Tiggy would be the braveone, who would explore first. But it washis brother, Hobbes, who started checking out his new home. Tiggy stayed back by his “Mom.” It was quite a while before he ventured out…and then it was to eat! Both kittieseventually came out, found some cat toys, and seemed to settle in. When their Mom left, she hugged them bothtightly, and left with tears pouring down her cheeks. She loved them both so much, but wanted themto have the special love they couldn’t get with so many other kitties in theirhome.

I had those two kitties for just over ten years. Tiggy was my love-bug, always wanting to bein my lap, and he snuggled up close at night. He loved to play with his Wandamouse that squeaked, so much so that we went through 4 in his life time! He would follow me around, waiting for me tosit so he could hop up in my lap. Theonly thing Tiggy did not like was being brushed … until we got the FURminator! As soon as he saw that purple comb, he’d comerunning and purring to be the first to be combed. It made me laugh every time.

And then Tiggy got sick. It happened so quickly! One dayhe was playing, hiding in the pile of tissue paper, playing with his mouse, anda few days later he stopped eating and got weak so quickly I could hardlybelieve it. He’d just had a fullphysical a few months before, and passed with flying colors!

I called our veterinarian and she came right away and started an IVimmediately. After her examination, shesat on the floor, held Tiggy tightly, and cried. She could feel a large growth in the liverarea and other signs showed that it was most likely liver cancer. It was a fast-growing evil tumor. She told me the hard news that he might notlive, but she would take him with her and do further tests and keep himhydrated. But the next day his breathingwent bad, and he was suffering greatly. The doctor needed to let him go without pain, and she did this, holdinghim, loving him every moment. I couldn’tbe there, but knew he was with someone who loved him as much as I did.

You see, the veterinarian who loved and treated Tiggy, isthe woman who gave him to me. She is Dr. Shelby Neely. They were born in her hospital, from a mothercat Dr. Neely had rescued. She took themand several other kittens from the litter home with her to live.

I met Dr. Neely because shetook care of my kitty, Missy. When Missydied, I wanted another kitty – and that’s when Dr. Neely told me about Tiggyand Hobbes, and they came to live with me. Dr. Neely brought them to my little place so she could see where theywould be, and continued to be their doctor. She still takes care of Hobbes. Dr. Neely became much more than my cats’ doctor – she is a dear friend.

So Tiggy is in heaven now. He’s probably met my other kitty, Missy. He’s not in pain any more.

I misshim so much, and am so grateful to have his loving brother, Hobbes. Hobbes cried for days, and wandered around, Ithink looking for Tiggy. He’s moresettled now, and is as loving as his brother was. And he, too, makes me laugh – because when Iget out the purple FURminator, he starts purring!

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