Rescued Kitten Health Concerns

by Alex




We rescued a kitten who was dumped in front of a house yesterday. We named him Lucky and think he is 12-18 weeks old. The kitten still has all his baby teeth. He is a little guy, but not malnourished. He sneezed a big sneeze on the way home, had been sneezing more throughout the day, and has sneezed again once, so far, this morning. I also noticed that he seemed to be having some wheezing every once in a while starting this morning. It is not constant. His eyes are fine and healthy looking.

We don’t think the kitten was weaned properly, as he likes to try to suckle fingers. He didn’t want to eat any dry food yesterday, but we knew he needed to eat something so we gave him so wet food and he ate it all! I have only seen him drinking water once but he walked himself over and to it and drank. We have other felines and are introducing slowly and for short periods of time. I have not brought them together since he started wheezing.

He seems to have taken a great liking to me. He sleeps in my arms, on me, anywhere I am. I don’t mind!! But do you think he is missing his mama cat because he loves hearing and feeling my heart beat. He also likes to clean me and expects me to do the same to him! Any advice doctor?

Dear Alex,

If your new kitten is eating and using the litter box normally, while it may be that he was weaned from his mother too soon, it sounds like he is just a young, happy, and affectionate kitten. Your kitten may be nursing and overly affectionate toward you, but there is no reason to not just enjoy his loving personality.

Medically, though, the sneezing and wheezing could be a symptom of an upper respiratory infection, for which a trip to the vet would be advised. Also, before introducing your kitten to the other cats in your household, he should be tested for FeLV and FIV, and should also receive deworming and necessary vaccinations. For both his cat health and for the health of the other kitties in your home, I would recommend bringing your kitten for an exam, vaccines, deworming, and testing as soon as possible.

Once all is cleared medically, enjoy your new kitten and the warm, loving personality he shares with you!

Best wishes,
Dr. Neely

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