RIP Peanut!!! 7/8/11

by Angela S.
(Charlotte, VT)

Our Beloved Peanut

Our Beloved Peanut

Peanut was our rescue cat. We live in Vermont and we drove to Portland, Maine to get him from a shelter. Peanut doesn't lay in your lap. Nor does he like to be petted. But he always went where you went.

No matter what time of day it is. He was right there. Rubbing up against your leg as you're brushing your teeth. Sitting on the bathroom floor while you're getting ready for work. Sitting on your desk while you do paperwork. Sitting on the back of your chair while you watch t.v. On the counter seeing what you're making for dinner. Guarding the door when you let out the dog. He was always there.

We don't know what happened to Peanut on Friday night. The emergency vet doctor thinks he died of heart failure. Peanut died in his daddy's arms on the way to the vet hospital. It has been an empty house this weekend and we miss him terribly. The dog and other cats miss him too.

Peanut rests in peace in our back yard with a big boulder rock on top of him to mark where our beloved cat rests.

We love you Peanut and hope you are happy in kitty heaven.

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