Rippling Skin Disorder

by Kerby

How can I tell if my cat has Rippling Skin Disorder? I reviewed the symptoms online. I noticed that at random times she will become very hyper, her back will ripple, she will lick and bite at her back and tail, speed off, and howl at night. These cat behaviors have been happening for a few months now, but I didn't pay much attention to it until reading the information online. Is this normal cat behavior, or am I under or over reacting?

Dear Kerby,

If these cat symptoms are occurring just occasionally, and your cat is otherwise eating, drinking, and acting normally and using her litter box, then I wouldn't worry. I have seen the exact cat behavior you described many times, and most often, it is either nothing or is being caused by something like cat fleas that is creating annoyance for the cat.

If someone sees this behavior in cats occasionally, I would first recommend the use of a cat flea medicine such as Frontline or Advantage, even if you don't see fleas.

If cat flea treatment does not help, if there is an increase in how often these cat symptoms occur, or if this cat behavior is already occurring on a frequent basis, you should bring your kitty to be examined by a veterinarian. Also, if your cat begins to show any other feline illness symptoms, such as change in appetite or lethargy, she should be seen by a vet right away.

Best wishes,
Dr. Neely

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