Roscoe unknown

by seshadri sadagopan

Our dear ROSCOE 3 year old Passed away suddenly tody April 9th 2011:

We are is shock today after we received a phone call from our daughter that her cat suddenly died this afternoon. We just came back after spending about five hours today with the cat in my daughters house and he was in excellent health all that time.He had never been ill. Never been sick except he sneezed sometimes. We know him since he was adopted for about three years. He was well behaved most of the time and at times fought with the other cat sharpie also his same age. He was very smart and good looking cat and resembles the cat named WILLOW on this website and he was eating and behaving well even today. It is really a sudden death syndrome and the cat was found according to my daughter on the bedroom carpet dead. That is all we know and we are extremely sorry that Roscoe is no more. We cannot believe that Roscoe ended his life like that and passed away leaving us in deep sorrow.We miss him very very much. He lives his eternal life in heaven.

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